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New payment method :- Alertpay

Dear Affiliate

Alertpay its Available now in payment method

Best wishes

Yassre-Kun   July 19, 2012


dnednee   July 19, 2012

Thank you very much:D:D:D
But I'm still waiting for payment.

Best wishes!

mrirfan555   July 19, 2012

me too,,, i am still waiting for my payment ,i requested on 4th July 2012.i have recived no money but my status is changed to PAID here.please help me

admin   July 19, 2012

Hello mrirfan555

Use the Contact us to connect with technical support to solve your problem

Best wishes

sahassan82   July 19, 2012

admin 1 dollor deduct in my account please check

mrirfan555   July 20, 2012

@ Admin

Sir i Have already had Submitted my problem on Contact us.But Nothing Happened.

dnednee   July 20, 2012

My payment still pending from 11. And today is 20 :(

sahassan82   July 20, 2012

This file reached max downloads limit, Admin plz check this error

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