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Dear Affiliate

MoneyBookers is available again now
You can choose from your account settings

Best wishes

Yassre-Kun   August 17, 2012

I didn't see it in my account

memoelbana   August 17, 2012

my account not increase since yesterday

why this problem??

sahassan82   August 17, 2012

i am not satisfied with counting system of

admin   August 18, 2012


Completed maintenance

Counter problem was solved

Now everything Excellent

memoelbana   August 18, 2012

why this movie movahedy ?
can we be afriends?

memoelbana   August 18, 2012

why admin
count 3 dollar only for egypt???

admin   August 18, 2012

Hello mr . memoelbana

The rules have changed

Best wishes

toupaiza   August 19, 2012

i'm waiting 4.35$ since 08-08-2012 on moneybookers

sahassan82   August 19, 2012

This file reached max downloads limit, Admin plz check this error

mrirfan555   August 21, 2012

i am Waiting And Waiting Since 2012-08-09 For $3.64 Payza.Such A Slow Service.Please Do SomeThing Or Close Your "e;Earning System"e;

makiman   August 22, 2012

المرجو الدفع أنا مند مدة و انا أنتضر

diikamcrmy   August 25, 2012

let me ask you know admin. why me ? (ussername : handika) get banned ? are you can't pay me then you banned me ?

admin   August 25, 2012

Hello sir

We have Rules

1:-Please note that we don't allow any PORN or illegal content on our site >> you have many porn links in your account
2:-You are not allowed to have multiple accounts . >> you have handika and diikamcrmy

so your account banned

roswell5353   August 26, 2012

can you tell me why im get banned? ( username:roswell53)!!!!!

koko83   August 27, 2012

لماذا لايتم الدفع حتى الان

ارجوالرد من الادمن وعدم التجاهل

movahedy   August 28, 2012

your system dont count all downloads!!!

koko83   August 29, 2012

يعنى بتمسحو التعليقات علشان مش عجباكم

بدل كدة ردو على سوالى

لماذا لم يتم الدفع ولايوجد اى تفسير او رد من الادمن

لماذا هذا التجاهل المستمر

ارجو منكم سرعة الدفع

koko83   August 29, 2012

شكرا لكم على سرعة الاستجابة لطلبى وتم الدفع بنجاح

وعقبال الدفع القادم ان شاءالله

admin   August 29, 2012

DEAR roswell5353

We have Rules

1:- You are not allowed to have multiple accounts . ( you have roswell53 and 5023320 )

2 :- Any act of fake downloads and cheating the system for personal benefits will not be tolerated. Any such attempt if found may result in permanent ban of that user / account / ip address. ( And you know What did you do for the account : 5023320 )

so your accounts banned

admin   August 29, 2012

Hello mr . movahedy

no sir

All downloads counted

Best wishes

nabeel_25   August 31, 2012

the server of site became very slowly these days

nabeel_25   September 3, 2012

thanks for pay out me

admin   September 7, 2012

اهلا بيك
الدفع على بايزا غير متاح هذا الاسبوع
سوف يتم الدفع يوم الاحد ان شاء الله
او غير بياناتك الى مونى بوكرز ليتم الدفع

تحياتى للجميع

koko83   September 7, 2012

ان شاء الله اخى

انا فى الانتظار يوم الاحد ان شاء الله

شكرا لك اخى

mustang18   September 8, 2012

Dear Admin.Please add the Reporst menu,we would like to see our daily stats.thank you!!!

makiman   September 10, 2012

متي الدفع اخي الكريم

koko83   September 10, 2012

شكرا لك اخى على سرعة الاستجابة

تم الدفع بنجاح اخى الغالى

koko83   September 10, 2012

شكرا لك اخى على سرعة الاستجابة

تم الدفع بنجاح اخى الغالى

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